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Simon Adnet – Nordic Structures/Les chantiers Chibougamau
Simon Adnet – Nordic Structures/Les chantiers Chibougamau – Session Ressources forestières et produits bois construction
Simon Adnet a intégré l’équipe de Nordic Structures en 2013 à titre de chargé d’affaires. Ingénieur de formation, il œuvre dans le domaine des structures de bois d’ingénierie depuis 8 ans.
Simon met à profit son expérience pour accompagner les clients et les professionnels dès la phase de développement, dans le but de proposer des solutions techniques et économiques optimales tout en répondant aux besoins et contraintes de chaque projet.

Johan Åhlén – Moelven T
Johan Åhlén – Moelven Töreboda AB – Plénière 2 Science et technologie
I have a degree in automation engineering and started my career in product development within the Swedish automotive and white goods industry. I joined Moelven Töreboda (world oldest glulam producer) in 2008 as responsible for project sales and engineering. I was responsible for the market launch of our post and beam system “trä8” that was launched in 2009. Since then we have developed and fine tuned the concept into a competitive wood based alternative to traditional steel and concrete systems. Trä8 will be the base for the iconic project Mjöstårnet.

Andy Buchanan
Andy Buchanan – University of Christchurch – Workshop Sismique
Dr Andy Buchanan is a structural engineer with special interests in timber engineering, fire safety and earthquake engineering. He is a Principal in PTL Structural Timber Consultants, also Professor Emeritus in Civil and Natural Resources Engineering at the University of Canterbury, both in Christchurch, New Zealand. His main research interests are structural design, fire safety and seismic performance of multi-storey post-tensioned timber buildings. His current research is supporting the construction of innovative timber buildings in Australia and New Zealand, including the rebuild of Christchurch after recent devastating earthquakes.
He is the author of Structural Design for Fire Safety (John Wiley & Sons, 2007) and the New Zealand Timber Design Guide ( 2007). He is past President of the New Zealand Timber Design Society, and until recently the Research Director of the Structural Timber Innovation Company Ltd. He was made a Distinguished Fellow of IPENZ (the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand) in 2011.

Ario Ceccotti
Ario Ceccotti – Université de Venise – Workshop Sismique
Ario Ceccotti, D. Sc. en génie civil à l’Université de Bologne Alma Mater Studiorum Saecularia Nona. Chercheur à l’Université de Florence, Faculté de génie civil, il a concentré son travail sur la performance structurelle des constructions en bois, pionnier dans ce domaine dans son pays, l’Italie, depuis le début des années 80. Après Professeur à l’Université de Venise, Faculté d’architecture, il a finalement été directeur de IVALSA-CNR Institut – jusqu’à sa retraite en 2013 – et président de la Conférence mondiale 2010 de l’ingénierie du bois (WCTE).
Membre de la commission de l’Eurocode 5 et Eurocode 8, versions ENV, Ceccotti a également été professeur en visite à l’EPFL, Lausanne et à l’UBC, Vancouver. RILEM Fellow et IHF Award, en tant que chercheur invité à Forintek laboratoire au Canada, le Dr Ceccotti a initié la voie pour une meilleure compréhension des bases de la construction en bois au comportement sismique et au design conséquent, qui a culminé avec le test réussi SOFIE sur un bâtiment de 7 étages en bois-lamellé croisé dans la table vibratoire séismique du laboratoire NIED à Kobe au Japon.
Dr Ario Ceccotti est aussi auteur de plus de 180 articles scientifiques sur l’ingénierie du bois principalement.

Jennifer Cover – Wood Products Council
Jennifer Cover – Wood Products Council – Plénière 3 Potentiel de Développement économique des acteurs de la construction
Jennifer Cover is the President and CEO of WoodWorks – Wood Products Council, a U.S. national nonprofit program providing technical support as well as education and resources related to the code-compliant design of non-residential and multi-family wood buildings. WoodWorks field teams have expertise in a wide range of building types—from schools and mid-rise/multi-family, to commercial and public and well as tall wood buildings. The objective of the program is to make it easier to design, engineer and construct wood buildings that deliver high performance for less cost than alternative materials. WoodWorks is a partner with the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Softwood Lumber Board and British Columbia’s Forestry Innovation Investment Program to promote and educate on innovative wood solutions that will increase the use of wood products, thereby improving the economic health of rural communities as well as the health of U.S. forestland. Ms. Cover has been with the WoodWorks program since it was established nine years ago and took on the role of leading the program four years ago. She is a California licensed professional engineer and started her career in structural design and construction management. She has taught Timber Design at the University of California, San Diego for eight years and also worked for APA – The Engineered Wood Association. Her experience includes business development, market analysis, project management and structural design, all with an emphasis on wood construction. Ms. Cover has a MS in Civil Engineering (emphasis in Construction Management) from the University of California, Berkeley and a BS in Structural Engineering from the University of California, San Diego.

Christian Dagenais_FPInnovations
Christian Dagenais – FPInnovations – Workshop Incendie
Christian works as a senior scientist at FPInnovations where his main research topics are structural fire performance of wood structures, performance-based design, fire modeling and fire safety engineering. He has been involved in various performance-based fire designs for allowing wood construction in buildings otherwise required to be of noncombustible construction. He’s author of various technical publications and test reports related to performance of wood components and buildings in fire. Furthermore, he actively participates to Codes & Standards technical committees, such as those related to fire testing, fire safety engineering and engineering design in wood from ULC, ASTM and CSA standards. He also represents Canada on ISO TC92/SC4, responsible for developing international standards on fire safety engineering. Lastly, he participates in many overseas normalization activities related to Building and Fire Codes, namely with USA, Australia, China and Japan. Christian is a member of OIQ, CSCE and SFPE.

Carsten Doehring Doehring – European Organisation of the Sawmill industry
Carsten Doehring – European Organisation of the Sawmill industry – Session Ressources forestières et produits construction bois
Mr Doehring holds degrees in engineering (BA) and industrial engineering (FH).
Mr Carsten Doehring has been Director General/CEO of Ilim Timber’s German sites in Landsberg am Lech and Wismar since 2010.
Headquartered in St. Petersburg and boasting a total of 3,000 employees, the Ilim Timber Group is one of the world’s leading producers of sawn timber and plywood. It has sites in Ust-Ilimsk and Bratsk (Russia) as well as Wismar and Landsberg am Lech (Germany).
Carsten Doehring worked in Asia for ten years, where he was responsible for the production sites of two German companies of good standing: he served as Deputy General Manager at Groz-Beckert (China) for five years and as Director of Manufacturing at Schaefer Systems International (Malaysia) for a further five years. He was subsequently appointed a member of the management team at the Klausner Group, assuming responsibility for production and technology at five sites in Germany.
Since 2012, Mr Doehring has been a member of the board of the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) based in Brussels. In 2015, he was moreover elected president of the German Association of the Sawmilling and Timber Industry (DeSH) based in Berlin.

Bradford K. Douglas – American Wood Council
Bradford K. Douglas – American Wood Council – Workshop Sécurité Incendie
Bradford Douglas is Vice President of Engineering for the American Wood Council, the voice of North American wood products manufacturing, which represents over 75 percent of an industry that employs over 400,000 men and women in the United States. With more than 33 years of experience in the wood products industry, he directs a program aimed at developing state-of-the-art engineering data, technology, and standards on structural wood products, systems and assemblies for use by design professionals and building officials that assure safe and efficient wood-based designs. He serves on several standards development committees of organizations, including ASTM, American Society of Civil Engineers, U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Building Seismic Safety Council, and the International Code Council, addressing proper design of wood buildings for exposure to fire and structural loading including high wind and seismic loads. Mr. Douglas was the 2015 recipient of the Award of Merit and title of fellow from ASTM International Committee D07 on Wood, which is the highest organizational recognition for individual contributions to standards activities.

Heinz Ferk – Université de Graz
Heinz Ferk – Université de Graz – Workshop Acoustique
Heinz Ferk studied civil engineering at Graz University of Technology, Austria and focused on building physics and construction in the following years. 1995 he started his own engineering office and besides other projects and research he accompanied from the very beginning the development of wood based building in building acoustics, physics and construction in Austria. So he has more than 20 years of acoustic and building physics related experience of wood based building in praxis and research. Since 1999 he is head of the building physics laboratory at Graz University of Technology, where he established 2004 an European notified, accredited testing Laboratory. He is lecturer for building physics and building pathology and is engaged with his expert team in building science and building physics research, testing and simulation in building acoustics, room acoustics, hygrothermal and mechanical physics.

Massimo Fragiacomo
Massimo Fragiacomo – Université de l’Aquila – Workshop Sismique
Massimo Fragiacomo is Professor of Structural Engineering in the Department of Civil, Construction-Architectural & Environmental Engineering of University of L’Aquila, Italy since September 2015. Previous positions held include eight years as an Associate Professor at the University of Sassari, Italy, and three years as Senior Lecturer at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.
He is an author of 303 papers, 101 of which published on peer reviewed international journals, with h-index of 26, 21 and 19 according to the Google Scholar, Scopus e Web of Science data base, respectively. He is recognized as one of the world experts on Timber Engineering, with special emphasis on Earthquake Resistance and Timber-Concrete Composite Structures.
He has been Principal Investigator in many research projects funded by regional, national and international Public and Private Agencies for a total amount of 1 270 000 €. For his research activity he has received several prizes including the Frederick Palmer Prize offered by the Institution of Civil Engineers – UK in 2012.
He is a member of the Working Groups CEN/TC250/SC5 “Eurocode 5: Design of Timber Structures” and CEN/TC250/SC8 “Eurocode 8: Design of structures for earthquake resistance” and the corresponding Italian mirror committees, as well as chairman of Working Group 3 “Timber Structures” within CEN/TC250/SC8.

Jean-Marie Gaillard
Jean-Marie Gaillard – FCBA – Workshop Incendie
Jean Marie Gaillard, docteur en sciences du bois, est actuellement l’expert feu au sein de l’Institut FCBA. Au début de sa carrière, il a développé les panneaux à base de bois ignifuge chez un fabricant européen de différents panneaux MDF, OSB n Contreplaqué.
Depuis 1999, il développe le laboratoire de réaction au feu de l’institut FCBA, ce qui a permis d’obtenir l’agrément du laboratoire auprès des ministères compétents.
En 2011, il a été le chef de projet de l’étude comportement en réaction au feu des bois massif et des panneaux à base de bois. Ces études ont permis d’alimenter les CWFT (classification whitout further testing), de nombreux produits à base de bois.
Entre 2011 et 2016 , il a été le chef de projet de l’étude résistance au feu des parois à base de bois et a piloté 24 essais de résistance au feu en configuration utilisation mur ou plancher. Cette étude a permis de donner des solutions techniques performantes conventionnelles de niveau REI 15 0 REI 90.
Entre 2012 et 2017, il a été le chef de projet « propagation feu des façade bois ».
Il a rédigé trois guides de vulgarisation sur l’application des panneaux à base de bois et sur la règlementation incendie.

Simon Gallagher – Nordic Structures
Simon Gallagher – Nordic Structures – Plénière 2 Science et technologie
Simon Gallagher est ingénieur en structure et chargé de projet chez Nordic Structures, le bureau d’étude affilié à l’entreprise Chantier Chibougamau. En tant que principal fabricant de bois d`ingénierie en Amérique du Nord, Chantier Chibougamau est le chef de file en innovation dans le domaine de la construction en bois. Au sein de l’équipe de Nordic Structures, Simon Gallagher a travaillé sur des immeubles résidentiels multi-étagés, des complexes sportif et des édifices institutionnels. Il a notamment été impliqué dans la conception du Stade de soccer au complexe environnemental de Saint-Michel à Montréal et est l’ingénieur concepteur et chargé de projet pour Origine, un immeuble résidentiel de 13 étages situé à Québec. Il détient un diplôme en génie civil de l’université McGill et une maîtrise ès sciences appliquées en génie civil de l’École polytechnique de Montréal.

Nicolas Gentner – Shilliger
Nicolas Gentner – Shilliger – Session Ressources forestières et produits construction bois
Nicolas Gentner est Ingénieur chez Schilliger Holz AG et Schilliger Bois SAS depuis 2014. Il pratique diverses activités d’ingénierie pour shilliger en France et en Suisse : conseils techniques d’avant-projet, dimensionnement, conception, accompagnement des clients sur chantier. Il assure le suivi des certifications des produits de construction (marquages CE, avis technique). Nicolas est aussi impliqué dans le suivi de différents projets de recherche soutenus par l’entreprise, en partenariat avec d’autres industriels, laboratoires et universités et il représente l’entreprise au sein d’associations d’industriels français (CLT France, ADIVBois).

Michael Green – MGA
Michael Green – MGA – Plénière 3 Potentiel de Développement économique des acteurs de la construction
Michael Green is an architect known for his research, leadership, and advocacy in promoting the use of wood in the built environment. He lectures internationally on the subject, including his 2013 TED talk on “Why We Should Build Wooden Skyscrapers,” which has been viewed over a million times. Michael founded his architecture firm MGA and his not for profit school DBR | Design Build Research to focus on progressive architecture, research, education, and innovation. Based in Vancouver, BC, Michael and his team strive to contribute to meaningful and sustainable change in building through innovation in construction sciences and design. Michael has been honoured with North America’s most prestigious awards, including 2 Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Innovation Awards and 3 Governor General’s Medals (the highest awards for a Canadian architect), along with numerous North American Wood Design Awards and International Interior Design Awards. In 2014, Michael received an honourary doctorate degree from the University of Northern British Columbia

Catherine Guigou-Carter
Catherine Guigou-Carter CSTB Workshop Acoustique
Catherine est titulaire d’un Ph. D. Mechanical Engineering obtenu au Virginia Polytechnic Institute et est ingénieur en Génie mécanique. Elle est impliquée dans la performance acoustique des bâtiments et de ses composants à travers des projets de recherche à l’échelle du CSTB, nationale ou européenne. Depuis plusieurs années, elle a choisi de s’investir aussi dans des projets multidisciplinaires, incluant les aspects acoustiques, thermiques, éclairage, qualité de l’air.
La prédiction de la performance acoustique des bâtiments en bois est un de ses sujets majeurs de recherche des dernières années. Elle a activement participé à l’action européenne COST FP0702 “Net-Acoustics for Timber based lightweight buildings and elements” sous la gouvernance du CSTB. Une partie des résultats et méthodologie issus du projet Acoubois a été intégré dans la mise à jour de la norme EN 12354 sur le calcul de la performance acoustique des bâtiments à partir de la performance des éléments, via le groupe de travail WG2 du CEN/TC126 auquel elle participe. En 2016, le projet Acoubois a été récompensé par un Décibel d’Or dans la catégorie Recherche. Aujourd’hui elle participe au projet européen Silent Timber Built.

Klas Hagberg – WSP Sweden AB
Klas Hagberg – WSP Sweden AB – Workshop Acoustique
Klas Hagberg is a consultant, project manager and a researcher focusing on acoustics and vibrations in wooden structures. He has been active in the field of building acoustics for 25 years and during the last 10 years he has been coordinating three big research projects, one Swedish national project “AkuLite” and two European projects “AcuWood” and “Silent Timber Build” within the organization WoodWidsdomNet. The main content of the two first projects has been to develop objective evaluation methods for sound insulation in dwellings adapted to light weight structures. The latest project Silent Timber Built ( finishing in July 2017, is aimed to develop models / methods to predict sound insulation in wooden structures. To predict sound insulation considering modern evaluation of sound insulation will be important for future development of timber structures.

Koichiro Hirata – Nice Holdings
Koichiro Hirata – Nice Holdings – Plénière 1 Influence des politiques publiques sur le développement du bois
Koichiro Hirata is Chairman and CEO of the Nice Holdings, a Japanese wholesaler of construction materials and construction grade timber, as well as a manufacturer of wooden housing providing services ranging from design all the way to sales. Being able to trace its origin back more than 65 years, Nice Holdings was the first company to set up lumber auctions within the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, which proved invaluable for the rebuilding effort after the Second World War. At present Nice Holdings handles more than one million cubic tons of timber every year, spread across 16 different auctions throughout Japan, making it one of Japan’s leading timber market companies. Besides sales of construction materials, Nice Holdings has in recent years profiled itself as a growing house maker, specialized in supplying high quality earthquake resistant wooden housing both domestically and abroad. Wanting to do their part in combating both Global Warming and Japan’s aging society, Nice Holdings has, in cooperation with the city of Yokohama and the prestigious Keio University, developed the “Smart Wellness Home”. This revolutionary type of home utilizes the inherent abilities of wood, combined with modern technology, to be both eco-friendly and provide a healthy living environment for its residents.

Mr. Hirata himself has over 30 years of experience leading Nice Holdings and is an active member of several organizations within the wood industry, such as the Japan Wood Products Information and Research Center, the Wood and Housing Research Association and the Wooden Home Builders Association of Japan, working effortlessly to promote the many benefits of wood.

André Huot
André Huot – Nordic Structures – Plénière 2 Science et technologie
André Huot est directeur développement des affaires au sein de Nordic Structures. Gestionnaire aguerri qui a développé une fine maitrise de tous les rouages du secteur du bâtiment. André Huot a consacré sa carrière en immobilier et dans l’industrie de la construction, que ce soit comme président ou gestionnaire de haut niveau, dans le secteur du design, du génie ou chez des développeurs. S’il a choisi Nordic en 2012, c’est qu’il estime que le bois massif permet de construire des bâtiments écoresponsables particulièrement performants, en utilisant une ressource polyvalente, compétitive, naturelle et renouvelable.
Appuyé par l’équipe technique de Nordic et celle de production à l’usine de Chibougamau, il a joué un rôle de premier plan dans la réalisation de nombreux projets phares, notamment Tanguay Trois-Rivières et IGA Boischatel dans le secteur commercial, en plus des projets multi-résidentiels de grande hauteur Arbora et Origine.

Toshiharu Ikaga
Toshiharu Ikaga – Keio University – Session Ressources forestière et produits bois constructions bois
Dr. Toshiharu Ikaga is head of the System Design Engineering department and professor at Keio University in Tokyo. After graduating from Waseda University Engineering Department, he worked as the head of the Nikken Construction Group’s planning division, before becoming an assistant professor at Tokyo University and eventually moving on to his current position in 2006.
He specializes in urban and environmental engineering.
His current research focuses on the development of communities and housing that improve the “Health Lifespan” (the duration one can live healthy, without outside assistance) of its inhabitants, as well as having low carbon emission and earthquake resistant properties.
He is the co-author of such books as: “Promoting Intellectual Productivity through Architecture”, “Development of the Healthy House”, “Heat Strokes and how to Prevent Them” and “A Guide to Environmental Architecture”.
Dr. Ikaga is a member of the Japan Science Council and vice chairman of the Institute of Life Cycle Assessment Japan.

Erol Karacabeyli
Erol Karacabeyli – FPInnovations – Plénière 2 Science et technologie
Erol Karacabeyli is a Principal Scientist in the Building Systems Department at FPInnovations. Erol is a well-known influential member in wood building systems research field nationally and internationally, and he serves numerous codes and standards committees. Erol is the Chair of ISO Technical Committee on Timber Structures, and an Adjunct Professor at the Civil Engineering Department of the University of BC. Erol made significant contributions in wood building systems field, and published his findings in over 200 publications. He is the co-editor of the US CLT Handbook and the Technical Guide for the Design and Construction of Tall Wood Buildings in Canada. Erol received numerous awards which include Life Achievement Awards in wood construction research in the USA and Canada.

Shinri Kishishita
Shinri Kishishita – Atelier Kishishita – Plénière 2 Science et technologie
Shinri Kishishita is an architect with a special interest in using wood for creativity and inspiration.
The main theme of Shinri Kishishita’s projects is: creating comfortable living and working spaces with wood in both the interior and exterior design.
One of his most important projects which illustrates this theme is the “JST corporation head office” completed in 2013, in Osaka, Japan.
This project was awarded several prestigious prizes in addition to public recognition from both local and national government agencies, such as the Forestry Agency of Japan, for its ecological approach using wood for comfortable working spaces.
Another important pillar of his philosophy is “Connections”: connecting people to buildings and vice versa, connecting each floor, connecting inside and outside, connecting buildings and surroundings, connecting past and future, connecting generations.
He is also a part-time lecturer of the Osaka Institute of Technology.

Jean-Luc Kouyoumji
Jean-Luc Kouyoumji – FCBA – Workshop Acoustique
Docteur en génie Civil et sciences de l’habitat de l’université de Savoie, Jean-Luc Kouyoumji est depuis 1997 ingénieur de Recherche à FCBA. Il a participé à plus de 30 projets de recherche privés et publics et a écrit plus de 25 articles sur l’acoustique du bâtiment et les systèmes haute performance énergétique. Ses domaines d’expertises sont : (1) Amélioration et la modélisation des performances acoustiques des bâtiments bois et des transmissions latérales ; (2) Connaissance des nouveaux matériaux biosourcés pour les constructions à haute performance énergétique ; (3) Transferts de technologies et d’innovations dans la construction ; (4) Echanges entre les chercheurs, ingénieurs, centres techniques, chargés de développement et entreprises de construction. Il a été responsable de 12 sessions acoustiques dans les congrès internationaux Internoise et ICA. Il. Il a été Vice-Président de EU-COST Action FP0702 et expert auprès des programmes européens TAIEX pour les pays méditerranéens. Il a été co-auteur du « Cross Laminated Timber Handbook » for Canada et reviewer pour le « Guide technique pour la conception de la construction de bâtiment en bois de grande hauteur » au Canada et pour le CLT Handbook USA.

Florian Lagarde – Nordic Structures
Florian Lagarde – Nordic Structures/Les chantiers Chibougamau – Session Ressources forestières et produits construction bois
Florian Lagarde est chargé de projets au sein de Nordic Structures. Il est technicien en construction depuis 8 ans et agit à titre de chargé de projet depuis 4 ans. Il a suivi une formation technique en charpente de bois et obtenu une licence en ingénierie et qualité du bois. Il a débuté sa carrière sur chantier et en atelier au sein de la SATOB ou il a acquis une expertise terrain.
Depuis 2012, il travaille pour l’entreprise Nordic Structures, il assure la conception technique ainsi que la gestion de projet. Il a notamment mené à bien des projets d’envergure tel que le Stade de Soccer St-Michel et Arbora.

Laurent Lemagorou
Laurent Le Magorou – FCBA – Workshop sismique
Après un doctorat en Mécanique des matériaux et structures et une thèse sur les panneaux structuraux à base bois soutenue à l’Université de Bordeaux, il intègre l’unité Consultance Innovation Appui Technique (CIAT) du Pôle Construction de FCBA en 2002. Au sein de l’équipe « Structures », il y remplit des missions auprès des professionnels de la construction bois telles que l’appui technique, l’expertise et la formation dans le domaine du calcul des structures bois, ainsi que l’accompagnement au développement de solutions techniques innovantes. Il participe également aux projets de recherche sur les problématiques mécaniques et en assure la valorisation dans les instances normatives nationales et européennes. Membre actifs de plusieurs groupes de normalisation nationaux (P21-A, …) et européens (TC250, TC124, …), il est notamment l’un des représentants français dans les commissions et groupes de travail en charge de la rédaction des règles de calcul européennes Eurocodes pour les structures bois (TC250/SC5) et en situation de séisme (TC250/SC8/WG3).

Eric McDonnell – KPFF
Eric McDonnell – KPFF Consulting Engineers – Workshop sismique
Après un doctorat en Mécanique des matériaux et structures et une thèse sur les panneaux structuraux à base bois soutenue à l’Université de Bordeaux, il intègre l’unité Consultance Innovation Appui Technique (CIAT) du Pôle Construction de FCBA en 2002. Au sein de l’équipe « Structures », il y remplit des missions auprès des professionnels de la construction bois telles que l’appui technique, l’expertise et la formation dans le domaine du calcul des structures bois, ainsi que l’accompagnement au développement de solutions techniques innovantes. Il participe également aux projets de recherche sur les problématiques mécaniques et en assure la valorisation dans les instances normatives nationales et européennes. Membre actifs de plusieurs groupes de normalisation nationaux (P21-A, …) et européens (TC250, TC124, …), il est notamment l’un des représentants français dans les commissions et groupes de travail en charge de la rédaction des règles de calcul européennes Eurocodes pour les structures bois (TC250/SC5) et en situation de séisme (TC250/SC8/WG3).

Marjan Popovski_FPInnovations
Marjan Popovski – FPInnovations – Workshop Sismique
Marjan is a Principal Scientist in the Advanced Building Systems Department of FPInnovations and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Wood Science at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He is one of the leading researchers in the area of seismic performance of wood structures. He is an author of over 150 scientific publications, including chapters of the Technical Guide for the Design and Construction of Tall Wood Buildings in Canada, the Canadian and the US editions of the CLT Handbooks, and co-editor of the Canadian Wood-frame Construction Handbook. Marjan is active in the Canadian and international codes and standards arena. He is a member of the Canadian Technical Committee on Engineering Design in Wood, and various Canadian, US and ISO Subcommittees and Task Groups. He also served on the National Building Code of Canada Standing Committee on Earthquake Design from 2009 to 2014.

Marc-André Roy - Sotramont
Marc-André Roy – Sotramont – Développement économique des acteurs de la construction des immeubles bois de moyenne et grande hauteur
Marc-André Roy est président et propriétaire de Sotramont, une entreprise familiale fondée il y a 49 ans à Montréal. Avec plus de 3 000 unités d’habitation, Sotramont est une société de développement immobilier et construction à la fine pointe de l’industrie à la réputation de maître constructeur haut de gamme dans la conception de quartiers innovateurs et de maisons habilement exécutées.
En 2012, le projet Place des Nations à Bois-Franc a été reconnu comme le premier bâtiment LEED Or au Québec (catégorie quatre ou-plus-étages) et en 2014, il a été reconnu comme ayant l’enveloppe de bâtiment la plus performante du monde par le US Green Building Council. En 2015, Sotramont innove encore en construisant deux projets de condos, de six à huit étages, dotés d’une structure en bois massif CLT (cross-laminated timber). L’un d’eux, comprenant 434 habitations réparties dans trois immeubles de huit étages, est en superficie, le plus gros chantier au monde en panneaux de bois massif lamellé-croisé. Depuis 2015, l’ensemble des projets immobiliers de Sotramont sont des réalisations LEED.
De 2009 à 2016, Marc-André Roy a été président du conseil d’administration de Qualité Habitation, le premier plan de garantie de maison neuve au Québec.
Il est aussi membre de l’association du Barreau du Québec et sert actuellement au sein de nombreuses associations liées à l’avancement et à la qualité de l’immobilier.

Hansueli Schmid – EMPA
Hansueli Schmid – Lignum – Workshop Acoustique
Hansueli has received practical training as a joiner as well as an engineer in Wood Technology. He now acts as a technical advisor for Lignum, the organization which supports the Swiss forestry and timber industries. At Lignum, Hansueli has responsibilities related to durability, sustainability and acoustics. Since 2015, he developed the database Lignumdata for Lignum. He assumed these responsibilities following his extensive work in the Switzerland commercial market segment.
Earlier in his career, he worked for the Knauf AG brand line of drywall and fire protections systems for the wood construction market. While at Tavapan AG, he supplied the interior joinery and window industry, with composite panels like veneer products, acoustic panels and Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) to address decorative, thermal and acoustical needs.
He also has extensive project management experience from his work at the project operations center at Vitra AG, where he oversaw large orders of office systems from the offer to the delivery.
He wrote his thesis in Costa Rica for the swiss company Precious woods.

Takahiro Tsuchimoto – Building Research Institute
Takahiro Tsuchimoto – Building Research Institute – Workshop Sismique
Takahiro Tsuchimoto, Ph. D. is a Chief Research Engineer, Division of Building Materials and Components, Building Research Institute, Japan. He is interested in and has conducted research on timber engineering and wood-based materials as structural member. His research fields are materials and structural engineering.
He studied and worked as an assistant professor in the Department of Forest Products of the Faculty of Agriculture, the University of Tokyo.
For the past 18 years, he worked alternatively at National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Building Research Institute.
He has developed expertise in structural engineering, material science, durability of wood houses and buildings, and building codes including structural regulations and quality standards of wood and wood-based material in the Building Standard Law of Japan.
He has also conducted a field survey on the damage to wood houses and buildings due to 10 past major earthquakes including a tsunami, initiatively. Based on these results, he has developed his expertise in them. Moreover, he has conducted many shaking table tests and static lateral load tests on full-sized wood houses, including 7 existing houses and 4 brand new 3-story wood houses which were collapsed, to collect data. Based on these results, he has developed expertise in collapsing limit deformation and safety limit of timber construction.

Arve Valso
Arve Valso – Teknos Norge AS – Workshop sécurité incendie
Arve Valso for more than 30 years worked on research and development of fire retardant chemicals and systems for fire retardancy of wood and wood-based panels, including both impregnation and coating. He is a member of several national and international committees for standards development. Arve is working in Teknos as an international Technical Manager, Industrial Wood – Fire Retardant Paint.

Steven Ware
Steven Ware – Art&Build – Plénière 3 Potentiel de Développement économique des acteurs de la construction
Diplômé de l’Architectural Association à Londres, et en biologie à l’Université de Western Ontario, Steven dirige l’agence parisienne d’Art&Build avec Bruno Caballé depuis 2007, et le pôle de R&D AB_Lab depuis 2016. Une série de projets majeurs ont permis à l’agence de pousser l’enveloppe en matière de développement durable, intégrant sans cesse des principes bio-adaptifs innovants. Les sièges du Groupe Chèque Déjeuner, (lauréate du MIPIM award en 2011), le siège de Thales Communications and Security, et le siège d’Air France comptent parmi les projets exemplaires. Avec la livraison de l’opération Opalia, la plus grande opération tertiaire en bois massif de France, le cabinet relève le défi de rendre l’acte de construire toujours plus biomimétique et plus humain.

Andrew Waugh
Andrew Waugh – Waugh & Thistleton Architects – Plenary 2 Science and technology
Andrew is a founding Director of Waugh Thistleton a world leading architecture practice in the use of cross-laminated timber. Over the last 18 years Andrew has worked on award winning schemes from cinemas to synagogues, social housing to shopping centres. Andrew is a dedicated advocate of timber construction having been responsible for the pioneering Stadhaus, a nine storey timber residential tower. He continues to encourage his clients to look at the feasibility and benefits of sustainable design and construction in their schemes. In 2010 Andrew was awarded the RIBA president’s medal for research for his work on the feasibility and practice of timber structures for high rise buildings. He continues to research from within the practice and lectures across the world with a focus on sustainability, timber construction and the future of architecture.